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Root Canal Toronto

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Who should consider Root Canal?

  • People who experience severe pain upon chewing or applying pressure
  • People with prolonged sensitivity to hot/cold
  • People with swelling or tenderness in the gums
  • People who show a darkening or discoloration of a single tooth
  • People with a persistant or recurring pimple on the gums

Root Canal Toronto

Root Canal Procedure

Sometimes if the tooth is badly infected, Dr. M Taimish, Toronto dentist, will apply medication inside the chamber of the tooth to help heal and promote the best recovery possible.  If the tooth is not filled the same day, a temporary filling will be placed to prevent saliva or food particles from causing infection until your next appointment.

A root canal procedure is often the result of extensive decay and may require an additional restoration such as a dental crown to protect the tooth from breaking and restore its functionality. Dr. M Taimish, will discuss your root canal treatment with you during your visit and have you back to smiling in no time!

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